The Veteran's Farm Of North Carolina

Veterans Agricultural Training and Education Program (VATEP)

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VATEP is presented by VFNC and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture at USDA. It is a six-month, comprehensive program covering the agricultural basics needed to start, run, market, and secure resources to grow your operation. It’s designed to take any skill level and prepare them to farm upon exit of the program. Any Skillbridge internship will complete VATEP.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with each aspect of the farm’s production offerings, develop a plan and implement it onto the farm, and manage the business aspects of agricultural production on the farm while attending lectures online throughout the course.

Program Outline (Each topic has lectures and labs)

Course Dates:
Class 5: 1/3/24 -7/8/24
Class 6: 5/6/24 – 11/1/24
Class 7: 9/2/24 – 3/3/25

What is Agriculture
Ag Safety and Health
Soil (A farmer, at their core, is a soil producer)
Land Recovery (starting from scratch)
Poultry (Chicken & Turkey)
Livestock (Cattle, Sheep, Hog)
Horticulture Vegetable, Fruit, Ornamental Production
Mushroom Cultivation
Crop Science
Land Acquisition
Basic Carpentry, Electrical, & Plumbing For Farms

Mechanical Maintenance (Preventive & Small Repairs)
Pasture Management
Permaculture Basics
Agricultural Economics
Budgeting and Feasibility
Federal, State, Local Programs and Assistance and Other Resources
Risk Management
Business Plans
And much more!

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