Our Farms

The Veteran's Farms Of North Carolina

The Veterans Farm of North Carolina (VFNC) is immensely proud of the impact we’ve made in the lives of veterans and in the agricultural community. Since our inception, we’ve worked with over 1,000 beginning farmer veterans and helped establish an expansive network of farms across the state. This map showcases the diverse range of farms that have been started with the help and guidance of VFNC. From sustainable livestock and organic vegetable production to specialty crops, these farms reflect the hard work, dedication, and new missions of our farmer veterans. Through our initiatives, we aim to address the need for new farmers in North Carolina while providing veterans with purposeful and fulfilling careers in agriculture. As you explore this map, you’ll see the tangible contributions of VFNC and the veterans we serve in nourishing communities and invigorating the agricultural industry in North Carolina. Let’s celebrate their achievements together!

*Please check back for a detailed map and listing of all of our farms*