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Farm Military Agriculture Program (Farm MAP) Career Skills Program

Farm MAP is part of the Fort Bragg Career Skills Program. Active-duty military personnel within 180 days of their EAS/ETS are eligible to participate in Farm MAP depending on Unit and SFL/TAPS approval.

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This course is designed to help participants prepare themselves for an endeavor within the agricultural industry primarily as a farmer, but the course offers connections to industry positions through the various industry partners we can connect you with.

Farm MAP is a four-month program broken into two-month modules. Module one is based upon agricultural and production education on VFNC’s training facility. During this module you’ll become acquainted with the world of agriculture and what it has to offer across a wide range of production models you will get to work with such as livestock, poultry, horticulture, and gardening. Other topics will be covered as available due to time of year and climate such as beekeeping and some horticultural activities may be limited. The second module is an apprenticeship opportunity where you’ll be able to participate in daily activities either here on the farm, with another farmer, or with an industry position partner you may wish to seek a career with.

Program Outline (Each topic has lectures and labs)

Course Dates:
Class 9: 10/2/23 – 1/5/24
Class 10: 1/3/24 – 4/4/24
Class 11: 5/6/24 – 8/2/24
Class 12: 9/2/24 – 12/6/24

What is Agriculture
Ag Safety
Soil (A farmer, at their core, is a soil producer)

Land Acquisition
Agricultural Economics
Federal, State, Local Programs and Assistance and Other Resources

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