The Veteran's Farm Of North Carolina

Equipment Rentals

Equipment rentals are available for farmer veterans within a local radius of 100 miles from VFNC's location. To be eligible for equipment usage, a yearly fee of $50 is required after meeting all eligibility requirements.


Verification of military service
Rental agreement
$50 fee paid
Equipment usage fee paid prior to check out

Please see available equipment list for checkout below and contact us to sign up:
Item Rental/day
Trailer (MPU) 20/day (3 day max)
Bush hog (Shear bolt) New 25/day
Plastic Mulch Layer 25/day
Mulch Roller 25/day
Mulch Cutter 25/day
Field Sprayer 25/day
Chainsaw 20/day
Trailer, 7'x20', Dual Axel, Silver 25/day
Three Point Post Hole Digger 25/day
Disc Blade 25/day
Tiller 40/day
I Power 3" Trash Pump (50'&10' hoses) 40/day
1 Row Seeder 25/day
Drone 50/day
Generator (small 1000w) 20/day
Generator (Large 4000w) 30/day
Shop Vac 10/day
Pole Pounder 50/day
Pig cooker 25/day (3 day max)
Livestock trailer 40/day
Headgate 40/day
Boxblade 25/day
Straight Blade 25/day